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Hello my dear friend !

Have you been looking for a forex trading robot for a long time, but you still cannot find a profitable adviser?

This offer is for you.
Universal Assistant Trader - Forex assistant / advisor 2019
Author's trading program Forex assistant / advisor is designed for manual and automated trading in the forex market. Mounted on MT4 terminals. On the charts it looks like this.


To present you how it all works, watch the video:

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Purpose Forex assistant / advisor.
This program allows you to trade in the forex market in two modes:
- automatic trading, built advisor
- manual trading
Features and functions.
- built six indicators. Five standard and one author (green red stripe)

 The author's indicator, a green red bar shows the ratio of the volume of purchase / sale. The sensitivity of the indicator can be changed in the settings.
Standard indicators:
1. Stochastic Oscillator - displays the position of the real price relative to the price range for a certain period in the past.
2. RSI - determines the strength of the trend and shows the probability of changing its direction - the relative strength index.
3. Moving Average is a well-known trend indicator.
4. CCI - measures the deviation of the instrument price from its average statistical price. Shows overbought and oversold levels.
5. MFI - shows the status of the current trend in the market.
 A more detailed description of the indicators and their setting is on the Internet.

For automated trading, you can use any combination of indicators. To enable / disable there are special buttons, see the figure above. When the button is pressed, the name of the indicator will go out and it will not participate in the work of the advisor.

- built-in keypad control. Buttons are used in both manual and automatic mode. (click on pic to enlarge)

Button assignment:
BUY / SELL - opens orders for immediate execution.
BUY STOP / SELL STOP - opens pending orders of this type.
BUY LIMIT / SELL LIMIT - opens pending orders of this type.
TRAILLING - enables / disables trailing stop losses and take profits. This button works on orders opened in any mode (automatic / manual)
AUTO - enable automated trading (advisor).
CLOSE - massive closing orders.

This program allows you to quickly open any number of orders. You can put the grid, etc. About the program settings below.

The program has a built-in event processing unit. This means that any problem or news will be displayed on your terminal. For example :

 The top message says that the broker has increased the spread and it has exceeded the specified in the settings. This is done for automated trading, in order to prohibit trading of the increased spread to the advisor. The maximum allowable spread for the advisor is specified in the settings.
The bottom message indicates that the pound / dollar currency pair has been successfully opened.
In short, all possible problems with the broker will be displayed on your screen ... no connection, not enough money, wrong stops, etc.

For automatic mode, you can specify a drawdown. That is, in case of unsuccessful trading, so that the adviser does not drain your money, protection is built in. it is enough to indicate the percentage of possible losses and not worry about your deposit. The drawdown is controlled on the upper indicator:

Trailing stop losses and take profits.
The program has a trailing function SL and TP. It can be turned on and off on any chart with a special button on the panel. When enabled, this function is active both for "manual" orders and for orders that open automatically.
Trailing stops goes according to the classical scheme. The feet smoothly (without a step) pull up behind the price at the level set in the SL settings.
Trailing take profits, a very useful function for taking greater profits in case of sharp price movements or protracted trends. When the price approaches the set profit set in the settings, the latter starts to “run away” from the price and will work only at the moment of a trend change.

The basic settings of the program:

Simple - for manual trading. The number of opened orders for immediate execution - with one click.
Deferred - for manual trading. The number of pending orders - one click.
LOT - trading volume (lot).
Profit - take profit.
StopLoss - stop loss.
Distanse - distance for deferred from the current price.
STEP - step for the grid of pending orders.
Slippage - slippage, read on the Internet, if you do not know what it is.
Jump - the threshold of drawdown trailing drawdown in points.
Max_Spred - maximum spread for the EA.
Risk - deposit protection when working in auto mode.
Magic and MagicAuto - you can not change. This is an identifier of orders for manual and automated trading.

 Indicator settings for understanding traders:

 In addition to the five standard indicators, whose properties and settings are on the Internet, the Forex assistant / advisor program uses the author's Indicator_bar.
You just need to specify the number of candles (bars). The indicator in color will display the number of bullish and bearish candles. The figure below shows the indicator on different currency pairs:

Also on this indicator you can see the value of the current spread and drawdown.
This indicator is not involved in the work of the advisor!

Questions from users of Forex assistant / advisor 2019

 Andrei V. In general, during the testing process, a bug emerged, after closing down the GBPJPY buy position, the adviser began to open the same positions against the trend, but with a short stop. As a result, within 30 seconds, 7 positions were opened and closed on the foot, the size of the stop ranged from 10 to 30 points in 5 digits. When opening the 8th position, the price did not reach the stop and the opening of positions stopped.

    And the principle of opening positions is not clear at all, sometimes all indicators glow green or red and positions do not open, and sometimes only 2-3 indicators light up and the position opens. I would like to know the conditions for opening a position. Send a screenshot
In this case, there are no errors. Simple inattention to instructions. The screenshot shows that on this currency pair, the AUTO mode (advisor) is on, SL / TP trailing is on, and only one STOCHASTIC indicator is on. Therefore, the adviser and "scribbling" orders on one indicator. To work correctly in automatic mode, it is desirable to use some or all of the indicators.

Conditions for opening orders. Suppose we have included all five indicators on the chosen currency pair. By default, they are already included.
When all arrows (red) show up - the adviser will open a purchase order. When the down arrow (green) - sell order.
Here is an example of the work of the adviser for all five indicators.

 Kira. Do I need to change the settings of the indicators ???
You can trade with the default settings. But if you know the properties of the indicators and want to change something, you can set the settings in your own way.
     Andrew V. And on the tester drove the system? What pairs, timeframes does it show better?
On the tester, unfortunately, the auto mode is not included. Here is the push button control. Then you need to separately, as an advisor, make a new program.

All questions and advice, please email this >>>  niicko33@yahoo.com
 Good luck on the forex market, Nikolai.

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